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Note: Price is listed in Australian $$, which comes to 90USD/month
If you are reading this and you didn't make life changing wealth in 2020 and 2021, you just wasted the greatest opportunity you've ever been handed.

You fucked up,

And I will make sure you don't mess up the next one that is GUARANTEED to come

Ask yourself this:

- Am I using a tried and tested investment strategy?

- Have I put in the work to build a system I can follow with less than 10 minutes per day?

- Am I listening to people and data which are reliable and accurate?

If the answer to each of these isn’t ‘Yes’, then how can you even expect to achieve financial freedom through Crypto?

The ONLY way people get rich consistently, is by making sure they get rich on PURPOSE.

If you achieve financial freedom through Crypto without a tried and proven investing strategy, then your success is a mere ACCIDENT.

- Would you be comfortable relying on a random ‘accident’ to secure your financial future?

- How important is achieving financial freedom for you if you don’t even have a proven plan in place?

It’s about time you took control of your financial future.

And this is EXACTLY why I made my series of Hunter Algorithms:

- I spent 4 years accumulating knowledge which fed into the creation of these algorithms.

- I spent months co designing it’s structure with a renowned coder/engineer in the Crypto space.

- I forward tested the system since September 2021, with a 90% winrate and insane accuracy

But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at the results for yourself:

The green/gold arrows above are the exact areas where my system said to buy Bitcoin. The red arrows are where it said to sell.

The system works amazing in BOTH bull and bear markets

And it also works well on 90% of Cryptocurrencies, as pictured above is one of my favourite altcoins which is known for being uncorrelated from the rest of the market, Solana.

Here is the sell signal results for another alt coin, XRP.

And here is what the signals look like that you will be receiving - imagine being told to sell the EXACT top of the Crypto market.

How much more money would you make if you could copy the exact system that bought the exact bottom, and sold the exact top on your favourite altcoins with a 90%+ accuracy?

Realistically, this product should’ve been priced at $100/month

Think $60USD (81AUD) per month is a lot of money?

Well, here’s what costs more:

- Designing your own custom investing strategy (100 or more hours + thousands of $ for access to premium data)

- Backtesting and iterating over several months to prove it's usefulness

- The profits you already missed for not following a proven system sooner

So here's the gist...

- Exchange the price of a weekly lunch to get monthly access to an expert crafted (and incredibly simple, yet powerful) Dip Buying/Top Selling algortihmic system + A custom investment strategy to show you EXACTLY when to buy and sell + Direct access to exactly what I am buying/selling when a signal triggers.

- Simply wait for the algorithm to trigger a signal on telegram, and you’ll be ready to enter into your preferred Cryptocurrency at their price bottom, or exiting near the top!

- Then watch as this product keeps getting better and better and better as we add more algorithms (Eg: Trading specific algos) - and the price keeps rising and rising and rising (knowing you got it at the hilariously low price of $60USD/month)

Still not convinced?

Then take a look at what current members think of the system:

If you’re ready to bring control of your financial future back into your OWN hands,

Then I'll see you on the inside, my friend!

Disclaimer: Nothing stated is financial advice, and is purely for education purposes.


- Access to Dan's Dip Hunter Algo Telegram room + 1 on 1 support from me to maximise your Crypto returns + Access to my Official Dans Profit Hunter Video Course

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Dan's Profit Hunter

88 ratings